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Cheap Tyres in Winchester

Cheap Tyres From All Manufacturers

All major makes and speed ratings available.

Economy & Performance

Low Cost Tyres From All The Major Manufacturers
We use quality low-cost suppliers for all of our tyres, and pass the savings directly on to you.

If you need high-quality performance tyres, or need to fit a tight budget, we can provide the right rubber at the right price.

Your Tyres are the only parts of your car which are in direct contact with the road surface. The small area of rubber is the only thing that keeps you travelling safely, and tyre condition becomes even more important during acceleration, braking, steering and cornering. They all generate large amounts of physical force and depend on a relatively small area of road contact.

Your tyres should always be in good condition and when the time comes to change them the correct replacements are fitted. Regularly check the condition, air pressure and tread depth of your tyres, keeping them within the manufacturers' guidelines and only travel when your tyres are in safe condition.

Tyre Size
Fitted Prices per Tyre
INCLUDING VAT & 3D Balancing
155/80 R13
from £34.25
175/65 R14
from £38.25
185/60 R14
from £39.65
195/65 R15
from £42.55
205/55 R16
from £46.20
225/45 R17
from £61.90
225/40 R18
from £62.75

Professional & Accurate
3D Wheel Balancing & Fitting

We take time to get your wheel and tyre combination correct. We use the latest 3-D wheel balancing equipment for perfectly balanced wheels giving the smoothest quality drive possible, and can fit any tyres to both steel and alloy wheels as required.

Balancing is always needed when we fit tyres due to the slight imperfections produced during manufacturing. Balancing allows the fitter to locate "heavy" spots and imperfections in the tyre and remove their effect with balance weights.

An unbalanced front wheel will give a vibration that can be felt through the vehicle steering wheel and will effect car handling and stability. If the rear wheels are not balanced correctly a vibration will be "felt" through the vehicle body.

As well as being uncomfortable tyres that aren't balanced correctly will have a detrimental effect on car performance and can even lead to an increase in fuel consumption due the constantly changing wheel speeds.

Tyre fitting and balacing included


Tracking & Alignment

The positioning and alignment of the wheels on your car are crucial to handling and road safety. Tracking is a service that involves checking your wheels and making fine adjustments to ensure they are running perfectly for best performance.

Bad wheel alignment will give irregular tyre wear, shorten the life of your tyres and may affect handling.

If your tyres have excessive wear on the edges, your car probably needs a tracking to re-align the wheels. This is usually the result of hitting a kerb or obstacle such as a pothole, or can be the sign of worn steering and/or suspension components.

See how much cheaper our tyres are.
Tyre measurements
Tyre width
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Road Handling Service & Safety Check

  • All wheels fully 3D balanced
  • 4-wheel laser tracking and alignment carried out
  • Tyre pressure and condition check
  • Suspension and steering checkover

Only £39.00 including VAT

or £29.00 with any Service or MOT

What are Speed Ratings?

It can be very important that you are aware of the speed rating you need, particularly if you have a performance car or require performance tyres.

Check with your insurance company if your car needs to have tyres with a minimum or particular speed rating.

A tyre's speed rating indicates the maximum speed at which a tyre can be used safely. Adhering to UK speed limits will mean that in theory any current speed rating can be used, however it's best to consult with your insurance company first in case there are any policy stipulations relating to your car.

The following table shows the ratings and maximum speeds:

Speed Rating
Maximum Tyre Speed (mph)
Cheap Michelin Tyres Cheap continental tyres Falken Tyres
Michelin 225/55 R15 £87.00 + VAT each
Contisport 225/50 R16 £97.00 + VAT each
Falken, Kumho and many low-cost budget tyres
Firestone Nexen Tyres Kumho Tyres

Firestone 195/65 R15 £58.00 + VAT each

Nexen 175/65 R14 £38.00 + VAT each We fit low-profile and run-flat tyres
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