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Cambelt replacement service

Head Gasket Replacement

Is Your Car Overheating? Can You Smell Oil?

Always keep an eye on your temperature guage. If your car is overheating, switch off your engine at once. DO NOT continue driving, as the extreme temperature will cause catastrophic engine damage.

Car overheating? Stop the engine immediately

Head Gasket

Your head gasket is a vital component of the engine, sealing the top and bottom halves tightly together as the engine expands and contracts under constantly changing driving conditions.
If your head gasket brakes or splits, coolant water and lubricating oil can mix together and if left long enough the engine will overheat and cause major damage.

Broken head gasket
This head gasket failed as a result of engine overheating. One of the car's coolant hoses split, the coolant leaked out and the engine temperature rose to damaging levels. Sadly, the driver decided to keep driving instead of switching off the engine, and recieved a repair bill of more than £900.00
If the worst has already happened, we can replace head gaskets and any other damaged components and return your engine to full running order.

Please call us on 01962 885931 for a quote.
Has Your Head Gasket Gone?
Some Easy Checks

Head Gasket - Check Your Dipstick For Gunge
Pull out your oil level dipstick and check the condition of the oil on it. If there is any "gunge" or "gunk" like the example above, it's likely that coolant is mixing with engine oil and the head gasket will probably need replacing.

Look for gunk in the engine
Remove the oil filler cap and take a look inside the top of the engine. If you see dark brown gunge or gunk there, it's probably time to change the head gasket.
Check the coolant expansion tank for gunge or gunk
Check inside the coolant expansion tank. If you have brown oily deposits floating in the water, it's likely that the headgasket has gone.
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