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Cambelt replacement service

Renault Cambelt Replacement

Avoid the Risk of Catastrophic Engine Damage by Renewing Your Cambelt and Timing Belts Before They Are Due.

This is a typical engine valve that has been bent after a cambelt failure.

The valve stem should be straight / vertical when placed on a horizontal surface.

A Renault cambelt change is inexpensive compared with the repair costs of cambelt failure, or failure of related timing components. For lower-value cars, the cost to repair a snapped cambelt is often more than it costs to replace the car in it's entirety.

Bent valves resulting from cambelt failure
A snapped cambelt means your engine will not function, and there is a strong possibility of damage; the valves stopped moving when the cambelt failed, but the pistons carried on.

A jumped belt means that one of the guide rollers or other component has caused the problem, meaning the camshaft has jumped out of timing slightly. Sometimes you can hear the noise of the pistons hitting the valves, as they are opening and closing in the wrong sequence. Again, there is a high likelihood of damage and even though the engine still runs (probably noisily), it may not continue to do so for long. Stop the engine at once and seek repair.

Cambelt snapped

Cambelt replacement work

Your timing belt, also known as the cambelt, allows the engine crankshaft to turn the camshaft(s), controlling the opening and closing of the engine’s valves. When the valves open and close, fuel enters, ignites, and exhausts, thus the valves are a primary part of contolling the flow of fuel and exhaust gasses through the engine.

The cambelt allows all this to happen and an engine cannot run without it. In some engines, the timing belt may also be used to drive other engine parts such as the water pump and oil pump.

Cambelts are typically made from rubber and it is a common recommendation is that they are replaced every 3 years or 60,000 miles to avoid the belt breaking and causing serious engine damage. Check this in your vehicle handbook or call us on 01962 885931 to find out.

Snapped cambelts result in engine head dismantling and valve replacement, with time and materials often costing hundreds of pounds.

If your cambelt or associated timing components are damaged, it is likely that the timing is out and potentially there had been damage to the engine's valves and associated components. If there is reasonable suspicion that this is the case, the engine head should be removed as a first course of action.

Cambelt head replacement

Cambelt Kit Replacement
We ALWAYS replace the entire cambelt kit, including runners and pulleys and auxilliary drive / alternator belts where necessary.

The image (right) shows wear to the outer surfaces of the valves, caused by a failure of a timing belt pulley - the cambelt had not snapped in this instance, yet the valves were damaged enough to require replacement. The car had travelled just 6000 miles beyond the point of recommended cambelt replacement.

Valve damage as a result of a cambelt "jump"These valves were just tapping the tops of the pistons, wearing the carbon from the outer valve surface, producing "rings" of bare metal, and bent valves of course!. The car continued to run with much reduced power and lots of engine noise.

Buying A Used Car?

Check the service history thoroughly before you buy, and make sure you know when the next cambelt service is due.

Remember: Even with little use and very low-mileage, cars still need replacement cambelts, as age also accounts for deterioration of the rubber belt and camshaft drive components.
Replacement Cambelt Quote
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Car Reg

Some Example Cambelt Replacement Prices
Note - to maximise engine life we only install FULL cambelt kits, not just the cambelt.
Make Model Kit Price (fitted)
Renault Clio from £268.00 + VAT
Renault Espace from £252.00 + VAT

If the worst has already happened, we can replace snapped cambelts and return your engine to running order by replacing the bent valves and other damaged components. Please call us on 01962 885931 for a quote.

Do you know when your Cambelt is due for replacement?

Replacement cambelt service

60,000 miles? | 72,000 miles? | 96,000 miles?

60 months or 72 months?

ALWAYS Make sure you know your cambelt changing interval and renew your timing and auxiliary belts at the right time to avoid expensive breakdown engine repair costs.

For a quote on your next cambelt replacement, call us on 01962 885931.

timing chain

Timing Chains

Timing chains don't break in the same way as timing belts, however components such as chain tensioners can wear out and cause similar problems, although often the consequences are far less catastrophic than cambelt failure. Timing chains are therefore considered more reliable. Many larger-engined cars use chains instead of cambelts, however they can also be found on smaller cars such as the one above from a Volkswagen Polo. Some Ford Ka models also use timing chains.

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